School NewsNov 12, 2021

updated Nov 18, 2021

Make Your Mark

A 20-year Miss Hall’s tradition, stamping the Book of the School, is now open to all alums

On the eve of Commencement, every MHS senior places a stamp by their name in the Book of the School, marking their transition from student to alum.

This signifies that they have lived by the School’s shared values, completed the work that they set out to do, and made themselves and Miss Hall’s stronger in the process. In so doing, these new alums become a part of the story of MHS and leave a legacy that continues long after their graduation.

This 💙💛 tradition began twenty years ago, when the amazing Language Department Chair Pamela Breslin inscribed in calligraphy the names of every Miss Hall’s student who matriculated from 1898-2001. The first students wrote their own names into the Book in 2002, and all students, upon starting school, have done so ever since.

Signing the Book of the School

New students sign the Book of the School, symbolizing their commitment to the School's core values and officially joining the MHS community.


The COVID-19 pandemic upended the Commencement tradition for the Class of 2020, whose graduation festivities were held virtually via Zoom, BUT these amazing young alums have been circling back to campus in the months since to leave their marks.

You can, too!


Join us for our Come One, Come All Reunion, May 13-15, 2022, when we will open the Book of the School for all returning alums who have not yet added their stamp. Visit for details.


Email Lynelle Weaver, Manager of Alumnae Relations & Advancement Partnerships, to arrange another time to come make your mark.

We hope to see you soon!