Collective Effervescence on a Good, Good Day

学校的负责人 Julia Heaton shares thoughts for the year ahead, and the joy of beginning again

Remarks by 学校的负责人 Julia Heaton at the start of the School's 124th academic year, 9月9日, 2021

这是美好的一天. That was the song playing as you were walking in – “Good, Good Day.”

我看着你们所有人, 学生, 的同事们, 新学生, 老年人, and I am so happy to be here in this moment. More than 18 months after COVID barged into our lives, 在偏远的学校, 混合学校, 变焦学校, 你说什么都行,太阳3一定要来, 在校园, 在人, 在一个房间, 面对面(大部分时间), 在一起.

In the words of artist and writer, Morgan Harper Nichols:


How beautiful it is that… what you are learning in the present moment…is preparing you for meaningful things that will come to life, 在他们的时代里完美而有目的性.

Whether this is your first year at Miss Hall’s or your 31st year, we are all starting anew today. This is the first day of the 124th year of Miss Hall’s School. This moment has never come before and will never come again. 太阳3要成为其中的一份子. “重新开始的乐趣就在这里.”

As we turn the new page of our school’s history, there is so much to look forward to. 已经, the campus feels alive and reinvigorated by traditions and community events — Orientation, 蓝金竞赛, 宿舍聚会, 野餐, 烧烤, 和篝火. 下个星期, 新学生 will sign the Book of the School, 几周后, Seniors will receive their school rings and ribbons. These moments of celebration and 在一起ness are what we call the “joyful and connected” Miss Hall’s experience.

“已经, the campus feels alive and reinvigorated by traditions and community events. These moments of celebration and 在一起ness are what we call the joyful and connected Miss Hall’s experience. ”


这有一个社会学术语 集体欢腾. Adam Grant writes: “It’s the sense of energy and harmony people feel when they come 在一起 in a group around a shared purpose. Collective effervescence is the synchrony you feel when you slide into rhythm with strangers on a dance floor, 同事们在头脑风暴会议上, 堂兄弟参加宗教仪式, 或者是足球场上的队友. And, during this pandemic, it’s been largely absent from our lives.”

When I look back at the last 18 months of pandemic, I think of the things I love to do that were absent — travel, 在餐馆吃饭, 去看电影, 看到现场音乐. I missed handshakes, hugs, a knowing look across a crowded room. But, most of all, I missed this — being in community. My energy source is people — and at Miss Hall’s, I usually find great energy from the people here — 学生 and 的同事们, 家庭和校友. 去年, without my daily dose of people and 集体欢腾, I experienced feelings that I rarely feel at MHS — fatigue, 倦怠, 孤独. Perhaps some of you, wherever you were, felt these, 太.

As I reflected on how I wanted to begin anew this year, 我想放手的东西, 以及我想做的更多的事情, my list was pretty simple: less time on screens, more time 在人; fewer logistics, more relationships; less chat, more conversation and dialogue; less fear, 更多的欢乐.

在任何学校, 在任何学年, there are always going to be mixed emotions — my excitement and joy in one minute, could be met by someone else’s sadness or hesitation. We each enter with our unique hopes and expectations, a sense of possibility for what the new year might bring, 太阳3每个人的感觉都不一样, 它可以随时改变. 在过去的一周里与你们许多人的谈话中, I know that COVID is still very much on our minds, 还有担心——为太阳3自己, 太阳3所爱的人, 太阳3的世界——仍然存在, 太. 在过去的几周里, we have seen an earthquake and devastation in Haiti, the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan, 气候变化引发的野火和洪水, and a battle over women’s reproductive rights and choice in this country, 仅举几个例子. All of this is backdrop or top of mind as we begin the new year 在一起.


Yesterday, a statue of Confederate General Robert E. 李来到了弗吉尼亚, 象征着过去历史的真相, and a commitment to change the way we honor that history. 这给了我希望.

I see 的同事们 who have once again created a new schedule, 新课程, 为学生服务的新项目, 激励他们, 鼓励他们找到自己的激情所在. 而且,我感到希望在上升.

I see you, 176 学生 who are ready to contribute boldly and creatively to the common good.

I see a community ready to begin anew 在一起, determined to make relationships a priority, 不管今年有什么未知. 成为一个社区并不是自动的. 这需要努力、目标和实践. 太阳3以前没在一起过, 所以太阳3要练习一下, remember the ways we used to gather 在一起, 尝试一些新的方法, 太. Together, we get to shape each moment of this year to suit this special collection of people. We get to form our community as we want it to be, for us, by us.

打开装配2021 - 22所示


第一天通常是征求建议的时候, 而今年, I will share advice that 学生 gave each other earlier this week on how to make the most of the MHS experience this year:

  • 汰渍pod洗衣胶囊会弄脏你的衣服
  • 使用图书馆
  • 问路
  • 不要整夜不睡
  • 充分利用免费区块
  • 经常查看你的电子邮件
  • 多散步,探索小径
  • 请在拉面里加水!
  • Prioritize your mental health — the most important thing
  • 不要对自己太苛刻
  • 不要害怕独自坐着
  • 不要害怕和陌生人坐在一起
  • Take opportunities to share your culture with others
  • Be willing to listen and learn from each other
  • Making friends is a process — be patient with yourself
  • Teachers are on your side — they are there for you — ask them for help
  • Don’t fight with your roommate — at the end of the day you need to go home to them
  • 不要沉湎于过去的错误
  • 把你自己放在那里——即使它很可怕
  • Miss Hall’s is going to be what you make it

我最喜欢的: Cherish your time at the School — it goes by so fast

Morgan Harper Nichols写道:

One day in the future, you will be so grateful that you chose to make the most of moments like this. You will be so glad that you chose to be rooted and grounded in the present moment, even before you knew what was going to happen. 不是因为你把一切都想清楚了, but because you knew without a doubt that there was grace to come alive and thrive here, 不管你的未知有多疯狂.

Here is a to a new year, full of unknowns and possibility.